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Jess Smith

Growing up in a Scottish Traveller family, Jess’ true gift lies in the rich kist of Traveller tales she has gathered since childhood. She was privileged to sit round campfires and be enthralled within a circle of ancient kings, dragons, witches, tramps and all manner of heroes. In her teenage years, she began to enjoy and sing the ballads often sung by her Granny, Mammy, aunts and seven sisters – a family of carriers of cultural song. The history of her people captivates Jess; not only their existence in Scotland’s countryside but in their treatment by authority as they struggled to survive. Jess has written several books about her experience and is one of Scotland’s most popular authors – a truly charismatic speaker with innate storytelling ability.

Find out more about Jess on her personal website or on Scotland’s Storytelling Directory.