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Norman Maclean
Grimsay, North Uist

Norman Maclean (1936 – 2017) was a storyteller, piper, comedian, writer and broadcaster. He was born in Glasgow but was evacuated to Lochaber in the 1940s where he was brought up by Gaelic-speaking relatives. Known in the Hebrides as Tormod, he became a champion of Gaelic language and culture. He had a number of television series in which he appeared as a comedian and a storyteller, including ‘Tormod air Telly‘. He was also the subject of an award-winning documentary ‘Tormod’ produced by BBC Alba and had a starring role as an old bard in the full-length feature film ‘Blackbird’ which opened at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in 2013. Maclean moved to Uist in 2009, before he passed away aged 80.