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Ruairidh Maclean

Ruairidh Maclean tells stories that largely belong to the oral tradition of Gaelic Scotland, although he sometimes re-contextualises them to make them more accessible to a modern audience. He tells his stories in either Gaelic or English – or, depending on audience, he can take a bilingual approach. Ruairidh lives in Inverness, but also spends time in Applecross and on a boat, sailing around the sea lochs of the west coast. He enjoys telling stories, including tales of the Fianna and other hero legends, which have a connection to nature, place and environment. He is never more at home as a storyteller than when he is under a tree, next to a bog or on a windblown shore, telling tales of the Gàidhealtachd. But he’s also happy to be in a cosy hall or sitting next to a warm stove in a farmhouse kitchen!

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